Affiliate Disclosure

One way this blog generates income is through affiliate marketing.

How does this work?

Consider the example of the OnlyFans referral program.

OnlyFans offers a referral scheme where you can earn 5% from the earnings of creators you refer. Once your account is verified, you receive a unique referral link to share with friends interested in starting an OnlyFans account.

Importantly, this 5% comes from OnlyFans' share, meaning the creator still earns their usual 80%, whether they sign up through your link or not.

More details about the OnlyFans referral program can be found here.

OnlyFans Referral Program
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I have a free, comprehensive guide on how OnlyFans works, guiding readers through every step from account creation to promotion and monetization.

This article includes my referral links.

Example of Referral Link

Some readers who open accounts through these links start earning, and I receive a commission. My earnings come from OnlyFans' share, so the creator's income remains unaffected.

This creates a win-win situation. I'm motivated to create useful content with effective money-making advice because I only earn a commission if my readers succeed.

Referral Earnings Statistic

This is an example of how I use affiliate marketing to monetize this blog.

My principles

  1. I only write about topics where I have practical experience.
  2. For every service or product I discuss, I offer alternative solutions or recommendations, even if there are no affiliate programs.
  3. I avoid affiliate programs where commissions are deducted from my referrals' earnings.