How to start on OnlyFans without followers?

According to Similarweb, OnlyFans has more than 200 million visits each month. A big audience and a lot of tools for monetization make this platform a good place to start as a content creator. In this guide, we will cover how to verify an account, what to post, how to get paid, and how to promote your account.

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Jan 14, 2024
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What is OnlyFans, and how does it work?

OnlyFans is a service for creating subscription-based fan pages. Let's find out how OnlyFans works and looks.

You can visualize OnlyFans as a storage for all your content.

  1. Creator upload content at OnlyFans.
  2. Subscribers pay money to get access to this content.

OnlyFans takes the overall technical part and processing of payments, you can concentrate only on creating content.

How OnlyFans works

I hope this makes sense on what is OnlyFans.

Let's dive into example.

Meet Kate

She likes yoga, hiking, and creating photos in lingerie on her trips. Kate looking for the opportunity to monetize her hobby.

Can she use OnlyFans? Sure.

You can sell at OnlyFans whatever you want – from recipes and training videos to nudes and feet pics.

How Kate can use OnlyFans?

First of all, she needs to open an OnlyFans account and decide how she will monetize – with a free subscription or paid one.

What is the difference?

  1. Paid subscription. You can set up the price for monthly access to your account. It will make all content inside your account available without restrictions for paid subscribers.
  2. Free subscription. Everyone can subscribe to your OnlyFans account for free. But you can make some of the content inside paid.

Which one to choose?

It depends on what do you planning to sell and how you will promote it. We will talk more about it soon.

You can change the price for a subscription to your account at any time. So don't worry if you can't decide now, just use whatever looks more appropriate to you.

Paid and Free Subscription

Kate decided to go with a paid one.What is the next step?

We need to understand the ways of making money at OnlyFans.

How to make money on OnlyFans?

What tools for monetization do we have.


How does the OnlyFans subscription work for creators?

You decide the price for the subscription to your account, starting from $4.99. You receive 80% of what the user pays, 20% taken by OnlyFans. If you want to make a free subscription for your page, set the price to $0.

It's a fair commission in comparing to competitors and considering tools for monetization inside OnlyFans.

You can manage the subscription for your page at "My profile → Edit Profile → Subscription price and bundles".

What you also can do:

  1. Profile promotion campaign.
  2. Subscription bundles.
  3. Free Trial Links.

More about these tools in screenshots. I show you a real account, so you will have a taste of how it looks inside.



One of the most powerful features which can bring a lot of money – it's selling content pay-per-view.

How does PPV work?

When we discussed how OnlyFans works, we mentioned that you can make some of the posts or messages closed, and available only after additional purchase. Price set by you.

You can make a paid post at your OnlyFans feed only if you have a free subscription. In private messages, you can send PPV content with any type of subscription.

Check the image to understand where PPV works.

How do PPV work at OnlyFans

Selling in Messages is a great tool, if used properly, you can double your income. Content creators can send private messages to all subscribers at once.

This is how PPV content looks for subscribers at Messages.

Example of PPV message at OnlyFans

You can use PPV for selling specific custom content for separate users or send something "hot" to all subscribed users.

You can filter message recipients by activity or money spending, to make a message more personal.

Filters at sending messages to OnlyFans


Tips at OnlyFans is a great source of additional income without additional effort.

Subscribers can:

  1. Tip any post you create.
  2. Send you a message with an attached tip to it.
  3. Use a "Send a Tip" button on the profile page.

Be sure to say "Thank you" to every tip you receive. Building a personal relationship with your subscribers – the most important part of success at OnlyFans.

How Tips works at OnlyFans


When we talk about how Pey-Per-View works, we mentioned that you can use it for sending customs in messages.

"Customs at Onlyfans" means that you create something unique for an individual subscriber per request, and then send it like PPV with a price in a private message.

Sure, it takes more time to create such content, but the price per item could be higher.

Customs PPV at OnlyFans

How much can you make on OnlyFans?

Running OF as a creator – it is the same as running a business. There can't be any guarantees about how much can you make.

It depends on the quality and quantity of your content on one hand and promotion on another.

I work with some people who registered after reading my article and I see that it typically takes 1-2 months to get from $0 to $1K of recurring income.

Sometimes first paid subscribers creators to gain in the first few days.

This is the earning statistics for the 3-month-old OnlyFans account, I work with. Great start.

Streams of income at OnlyFans

Should you start an OnlyFans?

My goal with this article is to help you to cut the corner from the idea of starting an OnlyFans to first paid subscribers.

But before you start an account we need to be sure if OnlyFans is right for you?

  1. You want to be an adult content creator.
  2. You can create content. You don't need professional equipment to start. Most creators use their phones to create photos and videos.
  3. You are ok to be exposed. OnlyFans very seriously takes security questions and leaked content. But anyway it is possible that some of your content can go viral. Be sure that you are doing something that you are comfortable with. You can always work at OnlyFans without showing your face.

You can give it a try, and if you understand that you want to stop you can delete your OnlyFans account at any time.

How to start an OnlyFans?

So, you decided to start an OnlyFans? Cool.

The whole journey can be divided into three steps:

  1. Account. You need open, prepare and verify your account.
  2. Content. Create and upload your content.
  3. Promote. Find subscribers who are interested in your content.

We will cover each of these steps.


Creating an OnlyFans account is easy and takes a few minutes.

In the first step you need to fill out:

  1. Email
  2. Password
  3. Name (won't be visible publicly, later you can set up a pseudonym)

Follow the instructions from the screenshots.

Starting an OnlyFans

You will need:

  1. Cover image. Show yourself or give a taste of your content.
  2. Profile photo. Your face works best. But can be other parts of your body. The main rule – all photos must be yours.
  3. Username. The link on your OnlyFans page will contain this username.
  4. Display name. You can use any pseudonym you want.
  5. Bio. Introduce yourself and seduce potential subscribers.

Additionally, you can add your location, website, social links, and Spotify account.

How to edit an OnlyFans account

How do I work at OnlyFans without showing my face?

There are a lot of creators who run a successful business at OF without showing their faces.

You still need to proceed with verification when you open an account.

Documents, that you have uploaded can be seen only by moderators, and you can work using pseudonyms and not showing your face.

OnlyFans bio ideas

Bio is a great place to introduce yourself. Help the potential subscriber understand what is happening here and how it can be useful to him.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Specify what you plan to publish.
  3. How often do you plan to publish. When you are just starting, it is difficult to predict how it will go and how long it will take to create content. You don't have to be super precise - "2 posts every day", it's better to leave yourself some wiggle room and phrase it like - "updates every week".

The bio cannot be incorrect. This is your account, and only you can decide how to communicate with your audience – be franker, mysterious or whatever you decide.

Below are some examples of bio of successful models, but the reason for their success is definitely not in the bio. This is just for you to understand what the options are:

  1. – your fav lil college girl, I want to pleasure you & be all yours. I respond to every message here and post 18+ content daily.
  2. – finally 18, excited to learn a lot of things.
  3. – im that little cherry on top.. and i love it when im all slurped up.
  4. – Making you horny and making you smile are my two favorite things to do. You better prepare yourself for a wild ride baby.
  5. - Pansexual cyber slut. I am online every day and cannot wait to get to know you. Daily updates, exclusive content, Skype dates and more!!

OnlyFans account examples

Cover, photo, and bio complement each other. Let's look at two examples.

  1. The first example is a fitness trainer. From the first line, we see that we are offered workout broadcasts every day, meal plans, and a personal selection of exercises.
  2. The second is the model account. There are closed stories (blurred for us, because we are not subscribed). Plus, a subscription for the first 30 days are free, and an invitation to write to the author direct to get a bonus. How can we resist such a proposal?
Examples of Onlyfans model accounts

How to get verified on Onlyfans?

After you are done with profile photos and bio you can proceed to verification.

What verification on OnlyFans means?

  1. You will need to upload a photo of the documents (international passport, id card, or driver's license) and take a photo of your face. Photos must be of high quality, and the text on the documents must be readable.
  2. You cannot upload photos from your computer but must take them directly from the browser. It is more convenient to take such photos from the phone because the quality of webcamera on a computer is usually lower than the camera on phone.

Documents and personal data are not publicly visible anywhere.

I recommend that you log in to your OnlyFans account from your phone and go through verification there.

Tips for taking good photos:

  1. Take pictures in good light. Natural light from a window works best. You can place the document on the windowsill so that it is as illuminated as possible.
  2. Place a white sheet of paper under the document so that it does not blend into the background.
  3. Try to place the phone clearly above the document, take the photo “top-down”, and not at an angle.

To start the verification process, try adding any post or adding a bank account. The site will give an error that the profile is not verified, and will offer to pass verification. Follow the link in the error message.

The verification process is a bit different from country to country, sometimes you need to upload documents twice and also fill in your address, and social links.

I recommend sharing your Instagram and Twitter. It won't be publicly visible, only moderators will see it. Your social accounts will help moderators to prove that you are a real person.

After uploading the photo, the account is sent for verification, the result will be in a few days. If suddenly you do not pass verification the first time, this is not a problem – you can apply again.

If you've applied multiple times and have a problem each time, email me and I'll try to help.

What to post on OnlyFans?

You can post whatever you want. All content must be yours.

Let's dive into post settings (check the screenshot).

  1. Add media. Choose a photo, video, or audio from your computer.
  2. Record video. You can record video directly from your browser.
  3. Record voice. Works the same as the video recording.
  4. Add media from the vault. You can pre-upload all your content in the vault. While the content is in vault, it is only visible to you. When creating a post or message, you can save time and select it from the vault rather than searching it from the computer.
  5. Add poll. You can attach a poll to your post and make it more interactive. Do you have a few content ideas? Let subscribers decide what they want to see.
  6. Add quiz. The same as the poll but you can select the correct answer.
  7. Expiration period. You can specify when the post will disappiare. It may be useful if you temporarily run a promo and share the link to the discount.
  8. Schedule post. You can schedule all the posts and messages in advance.
  9. Your target. You can set up the target for tips at this post. Works like crowdfunding.

The process of creating a post and creating a message is the same.

How to create a post at OnlyFans

Content ideas for OnlyFans

What to post depends on your concept. Some creators concentrate on specific themes – feet, booty, cosplays, etc.

  1. If you have social media check which posts got the most likes. Ask your subscribers what they want to see.
  2. Check competitors. What are they creating.
  3. Keep in mind what you can technically do.

Content strategy at OnlyFans – it's an iteration process. You have to try something and test it.

How to promote an OnlyFans account?

Before you start a promotion of your OnlyFans account you have to be sure that your account is ready for subscribers.

What does it mean?

  1. Profile photos and bio clearly represent you.
  2. The subscription price and promo campaigns are set.
  3. You have uploaded a few posts to give a taste of what you gonna make in the future.
  4. You have prepared content for the next 1-2 weeks.

If everything is ready, let's find your first subscribers.

The main idea of promotion is to find a place where your potential audience is already getting their content and give them a small bite of your content, and then invite them to your OnlyFans account.

There are two ways:

  1. With social media.
  2. Without social media.

How to promote OnlyFans with social media?

You create accounts on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Create relevant content for each site and promote your OnlyFans page.


  1. Don't post too explicit content. Instagram and TikTok can block you.
  2. Don't post a link to your OnlyFans directly on social media, use a Linktree.
  3. Optimize your work on the content so that you can make content for everything at the same time. Less explicit – for social networks, more – for OnlyFans.

Social media is a great channel of free traffic for you OnlyFans. You can monetize your social media subscribers through the OnlyFans funnel.

For example – you share on your free social media your free OnlyFans page, then you sell them PPV content or invite them to paid OnlyFans account.

We will explore how the OnlyFans funnel works on a real example.

Promotion funnel for OnlyFans

How to promote OnlyFans without social media followers?

If you have no social media followers it is not a big deal. It is ok to create brand new social media accounts, we don't need millions of subscribers on our TikTok or Instagram.

Social media has great algorithms and can show our content to our potential audience, so I advise you not to skip this channel of traffic.

Anyway, if you don't want to use social media for promoting your OnlyFans, you have an option – paid shoutouts.

What do shoutouts mean at OnlyFans?

Shoutouts mean that the popular OnlyFans model will share your profile at her profile.

You can use Seobounty to purchase a shoutout.

How do popular creators promote their OnlyFans?

Let's dive into a real example of how a good promo is done.

Meet the creator, Jameliz.

She has two accounts on OnlyFans – one is free, and the second is paid.

Example of OnlyFans account – jamilezzzz paid and free

Different accounts have different content.

  1. Free account with "light" content. The main goal of a free account on OnlyFans is to gather an audience that can then be sold additional PPV content or transferred to a paid account. The free account serves as a magnet for followers.
  2. A paid account with "hot" content. There are a lot of explicit photos already included in the subscription, but she often creates additional PPV content. For example – you receive a private message from the author, in which you are offered to buy a separate video for $9.99.
Example of free and paid post at OnlyFans

How does an author get followers?

She uses all available platforms to promote her OnlyFans – Instagram, TikTok, Reddit.

How to get followers for OnlyFans via Instagram

On all her social accounts she essentially does the same content as for OnlyFans, but is less explicit.

Collects likes and subscribers, and the main thing – everywhere leaves a link to the site.

On the site, you can already find a link to OnlyFans, both paid and free.

Link to OnlyFans via Linktree

If you follow all advice from this article about how to prepare and promote your OnlyFans you more likely soon will have your first paid subscribers.

After you receive your first money it's important to understand how to get paid.

How to withdraw money from OnlyFans?

You can get your money after you earn more than $20. You can choose how often you want payments – every week or every month.

You can select a payment system for being paid by OnlyFans (which may differ in different countries):

  1. Skrill
  2. Paxum
  3. ePayService
  4. Cosmo Payment
  5. Checkout OCT

All payment systems work in the same way:

  1. You create an account at chosen payment system, verified this account, and connect the OnlyFans account with the payment system.
  2. Money automatically goes from OnlyFans to the payment system (in the screenshot I use Skrill for example). By the way, on your bank statement, you will see that you receive money from "Fenix Inc" not "OnlyFans".
  3. By your request money from the payment system is transferred to your bank account. Usually, the sender name is equal to a payment system. So, no one will see that you got money from OnlyFans.
How to get paid by OnlyFans

I use Skrill.

Creating a Skrill account is free. Skrill is safe and fast. Skrill is one of the most popular payment systems, along with PayPal and Payoneer.

The Skrill withdrawal fee is 5.50 USD and not 50 USD like at Paxum and 2% + 20 USD at ePayService. Fees are for the USA and may vary slightly in other countries.

To link Skrill to OnlyFans, you need to open and verify your Skrill account, and then you will need to provide at OnlyFans an email on which you opened your Skrill account.

Comparing Skrill, Paxum, ePayService for OnlyFans payments

What are the best alternatives to OnlyFans?

The main advantage of OnlyFans is its large audience and a well-known brand.

In second place in terms of popularity is Fansly, and in terms of functionality, it is even better. I have an article about how Fansly works, where you can also read about the difference between Fansly and OnlyFans.

Regardless of which you choose, your profile promotion will be the same as the OnlyFans promotion.

Use the tips in this article.