Ton.Place vs OnlyFans and Fansly: Where's the Best Place to Earn from Subscriptions?

Exploring how to earn on Ton.Place, how to create and promote an account. Comparing with alternatives like OnlyFans and Fansly.

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Jun 11, 2024
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What is Ton.Place?

Ton.Place is a platform that allows earning from selling exclusive content.

Most often, adult content is sold on Ton.Place.

The most popular sites in this niche are OnlyFans and Fansly.

Ton.Place has its unique features.

This article will help you determine if this type of earning is right for you, how to choose the right site, and what you need to get started.

How to Choose an Alternative to OnlyFans: Ton.Place or Fansly

How Does Ton.Place Work?

Step by step:

  1. Create an account: Set up and verify.
  2. Upload content: Photos and videos.
  3. Promote your account: Through advertising or social networks.
  4. Monetize: Earn from subscriptions and the sale of additional content.

Here's an example of what an account of the same author looks like on Ton.Place and OnlyFans.

Example of a Profile on Ton.Place and OnlyFans

How to Earn on Ton.Place?

There are three tools for monetization:

  1. Account subscription: We can set a monthly price for access to our content. Money will be automatically deducted from subscribers, and our task is to regularly publish content so they don't unsubscribe.
  2. Additional sales: You can sell additional content in the profile or private messages for separate money. For example, we can make access to the account free, but once a week offer to buy more explicit and quality content for separate payment.
  3. Tips: Users can just send you money.

An example of what a subscription and paid content look like on Ton.Place.

Example of a Paid Subscription and Locked Content on Ton.Place

Comparison with OnlyFans and Fansly

Subscription sites with explicit content are actively developing.

For many content creators, it becomes the main job with good income.

Statistics for 2023:

  1. Over 340 million registered users. The main paying audience is from the USA and Europe.
  2. Popular authors earn 100K+ dollars a month. Usually, this is the result of a whole team's work.

Beginner authors without a team can reach an income of 3K-8K+ dollars a month if they approach content creation and promotion correctly.

This is confirmed by affiliate program data and the results of people who come to me for consultations.

What's Common between Ton.Place, OnlyFans, and Fansly?

  1. Basic functions: Profile design, mass messaging, additional content sales.
  2. Security: All sites allow you to restrict users from a certain country from accessing your profile.
  3. Commission: You earn 80% of what the user spends.

How do Ton.Place, OnlyFans, and Fansly Differ?

  1. Availability for authors from different countries: OnlyFans has the strictest rules, and authors from some countries cannot create an account. Fansly and Ton.Place have less strict rules.
  2. Audience size: OnlyFans has the largest audience. However, you will still need to bring people to your account from social networks or negotiate advertising with other models. OnlyFans does not have a recommendation system or internal advertising. Fansly has a recommendation system, and Ton.Place has an advertising platform in addition to recommendations.
  3. Ways to withdraw money: To withdraw money from OnlyFans, you must create an account in a payment system and link it to your bank. On Ton.Place and Fansly, you can withdraw money in cryptocurrency, which increases anonymity and security. Next, there will be a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw money via crypto.

Advantages of Ton.Place

Ton.Place has some advantages:

  1. Advertising platform: You can advertise your profile or publications within the site for money. You don't need to negotiate advertising with models directly. This will help get new subscribers, and as a result, earn more.
  2. Referral program: For each new paying user you bring, Ton.Place will promote your profile until you get an additional five subscribers. If a user buys an Erotic subscription, you get 100% of its price. Also, you can invite other models and earn 5% of their earnings for 180 days.
  3. Telegram bot: You can create a Telegram bot for an additional sales channel. Publications that you make on Ton.Place will appear in your bot, and the earned money in Ton.Place.

How to Choose: Ton.Place, Onlyfans, or Fansly?

OnlyFans - the most popular site in the adult content niche.

On OnlyFans, there's high competition but also more opportunities to earn.

If you have your own audience, I recommend using OnlyFans.

I have an article on how to make money on OnlyFans.

Fansly is gaining popularity.

It has a confusing interface, and it's harder to figure out the settings.

However, Fansly has excellent internal recommendations.

You can find subscribers on the platform.

If you decide to try it, read about how to create a Fansly account.

Ton.Place is relatively young but actively developing.

Whichever site for work you choose, you will need to promote your account and lead your audience.

How to Create and Set Up an Account on Ton.Place

How to Create an Account on Ton.Place?

You can create an account for free.

This can be done right now by following the link, or return later after studying the entire article.

To register, use your email address, Telegram account, or Google.

After registering an account, you must apply for verification to become an author.

Go to profile settings and find "Become a creator" at the bottom.

The Registration Process on Ton.Place

Account Verification

To start earning, you need to go through verification.

  1. Upload a photo.
  2. Add links to your social networks (only moderators can see them).
  3. Tell a little about yourself and what you plan to publish.

You will also need to provide your documents.

Personal data is not displayed anywhere, and you can work under a pseudonym.

All adult platforms require documents to ensure that you have reached the age of majority.

Account Verification on Ton.Place

Account Setup

After filling out your profile and passing verification, you must wait for the account to be checked and activated.

It took me less than an hour.

After activating your account, all features in the "Dashboard" will become available to you.

  1. Balance: Initially, all money goes into "Pending" for 7 days, after which it is credited to the main balance, and you can withdraw it.
  2. Create: This is a section where you can create a mass mailing, publication in the feed, stories, clips, or create a "bundle".
  3. Ads: Internal advertising network. You can promote a profile or a separate publication.
  4. Sponsors: This is a section for setting up a sponsorship subscription. We can set a price, generate "Trial links" with discounts, and see the total number of sponsors.
  5. Cloud: Cloud storage for our content. We can upload everything we have on the device at once, and then add from the cloud when creating a publication.
  6. Lists: Lists of our subscribers, broken down by categories. Who is subscribed for free, who is paid, who opens additional content, who leaves tips. We can create a mass mailing for each list.
  7. Referrals: Here we can get a link to invite new users and see the statistics of the referral program.
Account and Publications Settings

How to Set Up a Subscription?

To set the subscription price, go to "Dashboard → Sponsors".


  1. Cost: Choose a price per month in euros. Remember, you will receive 80% of the specified cost.
  2. Discount: You can enable a discount for the first month.
  3. Description: Describe what you plan to publish.

How to Choose the Subscription Price?

It depends on your content and audience.

More details about choosing a price were discussed in the article about how OnlyFans works.

The choice of price does not depend on the platform, so you can use tips from the article about OnlyFans.

How to Set the Price for a Subscription on Ton.Place

How to Make Publications on

To create a publication, go to the "Dashboard" and click "Create".

You will need to specify who will have access to each publication. has different types of access for different subscribers.

Configured in the "Select audience" section:

  1. Everyone (Free post): This publication will be available to all without restrictions. Here you can publish engaging, but not very explicit content. Such publications can get into recommendations.
  2. Ton.Place Erotic Members: Users who have purchased an Erotic subscription. This is a general subscription for all models that provides access to content in this category, as well as the ability to write messages. Remember, if you bring a user via your referral link, you get the cost of this subscription. Here we publish quality, but not the most explicit content.
  3. My sponsors: We set up this type of subscription ourselves. We can set a price from 5 to 50 euros. Here is the highest quality and hottest content.
How to Create a Post on Ton.Place

You can also set a timer for the post, or add interactivity with a roulette.

Roulette is such a publication in which there is a lot of different content at once, but the user gets access in a random order by paying for the opportunity to "spin the roulette".

Creating a Roulette and Interactivity

How to Create Quality Content for Ton.Place?

Creating quality content requires a creative approach, understanding of the audience, and attention to details.

Here are some tips:

  1. Knowing your audience: It's important to understand the interests and preferences of your subscribers to create relevant and in-demand content.
  2. Uniqueness: Striving for originality will help you stand out among other authors.
  3. Quality of visual content: Investing in quality equipment for photos and videos will increase the professionalism of your content.
  4. Consistency of publications: Develop and adhere to a regular publication schedule so that the audience knows when to expect new content.
  5. Interaction with the audience: Actively communicate with subscribers through comments, surveys, and contests to strengthen your connection with them.
  6. Content variety: Experiment with different formats and genres to keep the audience interested.
  7. Feedback analysis: Regularly analyze audience feedback to understand what works well and what can be improved.

How to Start Earning?

Step by step it looks like this:

  1. Create, design, and fill your account with content.
  2. Create accounts on social networks or on specialized sites (reddit, redgifs, pornhub).
  3. Link your social networks and paid account through an intermediary site. This way, users will be able to find you.
  4. Promote your profile – through the advertising network within Ton.Place and social networks. Publish the highest quality content in the closed paid account, less explicit – in social networks. It's important that the content in social networks gets into recommendations. Users in social networks see your content, go to the paid page, and subscribe.
  5. On the paid page, work with the audience – send out mass messages, regularly publish updates, organize contests. Communicate with subscribers, respond to comments, conduct interactivity. Be not just a source of content but an active participant in your community.

I explained in more detail and with examples in the section on how to find subscribers on Fansly.

These services are similar, so you can follow the same advice.

How to Withdraw Money from Ton.Place through Toncoin

How to Withdraw Money from Ton.Place?

Money accumulates in euros.

To withdraw euros, you need to exchange them within Ton.Place for the cryptocurrency Toncoin (Ton) and send it to your crypto wallet.

To work with Toncoin, you can use the official crypto wallet from Telegram.

Once the cryptocurrency from Ton.Place arrives in the wallet, you can exchange it for regular money.

The current balance can be viewed in the "Dashboard".

By clicking on it and selecting "Withdraw" you can instantly convert euros to Toncoin.

So, you've converted euros to Toncoin, what's next?

Wallet Balance on Ton.Place

Next, we need to specify the details of the Toncoin wallet to which we want to transfer the money from Ton.Place.

What if you don't have a wallet?

Go to Telegram, find Wallet in the settings.

This is a secure and official wallet for Toncoin.

Opening Wallet, click on the plus sign next to the balance and select "External Wallet".

This means we want to top up our crypto wallet by transferring crypto, not from a bank card.

Withdrawing Cryptocurrency to a Wallet in Telegram

Select the cryptocurrency you want to top up the wallet with, in our case, it's Toncoin.

Get the wallet details, for example - UQB]MK8GIU_YtGz|tkMEYOZ4 QYr68sP3MQwnCwH1L1S3LGO.

Insert these details into Ton.Place and order the withdrawal of money.

Receiving a Wallet Number for Withdrawing Money from Ton.Place

It took 20 minutes for the money from Ton.Place to transfer to the Wallet.

Once the money is in our crypto wallet, we need to sell it to get regular money into our bank account.

This can be done via P2P.

This is a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency within the Wallet.

Go to Wallet – "Sell".

There will be a list of offers from people ready to buy your cryptocurrency in exchange for sending money to your bank account.

Here, choose the currency you want to receive and add the bank card details for the credit.

In my case, I chose UAH and Monobank.

How to Sell Toncoin for Hryvnias

After choosing a suitable seller, I create a deal and specify how much crypto I want to sell.

Wallet locks this crypto in my wallet until the seller transfers the money to my bank card.

After the money is credited to the bank card, I must return to the Wallet and indicate that the money has been successfully received, then the crypto is transferred to the buyer.

There is a system of reviews and complaints, so everything is safe.

Withdrawing Toncoin to Monobank


I've been writing about adult platforms for 2 years, and I see that interest in this topic is only growing.

My articles about adult content are visited by about a thousand people a day, some of whom register and start earning.

Analyzing this statistic, as well as the questions that people ask on my course and consultations, I can confirm that starting to earn is quite possible.

The main problem is always with finding an audience.

No one limits you in choosing a site.

You can create an account on Ton.Place and others.

See how everything is arranged inside, and choose the one you like more.

I also recommend studying my articles about OnlyFans and Fansly Creator Guide.

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