How to start Fansly and make money as a creator?

Fansly helps you to sell your content – photo, video, and audio. Mostly used by adult content creators and sex workers. We will cover how Fansly works, and how to create, prepare and promote your account. Tips and tricks for bootstrapping your content creator career.

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Feb 3, 2024
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What is Fansly?

Fansly is a service for creating subscription-based fan pages. You can visualize Fansly as gated storage for all your content.

How does Fansly work?

  1. Creator uploads content to Fansly – photo, video, audio, and text.
  2. Subscribers pay money to get access to this content.

Fansly takes the overall technical part and processing of payments. You can concentrate on creating content and communicating with followers.

Is Fansly better than Onlyfans?

Fansly and OnlyFans are top sites in the adult content monetization niche.

Which site to choose for work?

The main advantage of OnlyFans is a larger audience because OnlyFans is older. But Fansly is rapidly developing, has more features, and it is easier to become popular at Fansly.

What features does Fansly have?

  1. Organic traffic and recommendations within the platform. Fansly has a "For you" page, where followers can find your content organically. This is a game-changer in comparison to OnlyFans.
  2. Payout in cryptocurrency. You can also withdraw money via Skrill or Paxum to a bank account.
  3. Referral program for acquiring new users.
  4. Flexible configuration of subscription tiers. At OnlyFans, you have to create two accounts to cover what you can do with one Fansly account.
  5. Management tools. You can give access to a person who will help you with the account, without having to give the password from the account.

The commission for both services is the same – 20%. Given the technical advantages, I recommend using Fansly.

I currently work on an online course about Fansly.

Is Fansly right for you?

Fansly is a home for different types of creators – writers, musicians, fitness trainers, etc.

Whatever you are planning to create, you can use Fansly, but mostly, Fansly is suitable for models, adult content creators, and sex workers.


  1. Fansly has a recognizable brand and a lot of users who already paying money for adult content. More than 95% of creators work in this niche.
  2. Fansly has been crafted to maximize the monetization for adult creators. Subscription tiers, mass messages, locked media, and tips make it a lot easier to make money.

A combination of these two reasons makes Fansly the perfect place to start as an adult content creator.

How to make money on Fansly?

You can make money on Fansly in different ways. This flexibility can help you to find the best monetization model for your audience.

What will users pay for?


You decide, what the price will be for the subscription to your account. Starting from $5 up to $499 per month.

You can create different subscription tiers with different benefits. For example, Fansly creator Rusty Fawkes has three tiers:

  1. "Basic" for $20.
  2. "Boyfriend" for $40.
  3. "Daddy" for $150.
Fansly Subscription Tiers Example

What is the difference between these tiers?

Rusty made a picture with tiers comparison.

A more expensive subscription has more features.

Fansly Tiers Benefits Example

When you make a post or send a mass message, you can set up for which subscription tier it will be available.

Also, users can follow your page for free. They will have access only to the content you decide.

It is a good idea to make a few posts per week for free followers to give a taste of what is inside your paid subscription.

If you want, you can turn off the free following at Settings → Privacy & Safety → Timeline Permissions.

Locked media

One of the most powerful feature which can bring a lot of money – it's selling locked media.

How does it work?

You can make some posts or messages closed, and available only after additional purchase. Price set by you, from $1 to $499.

How the post with a locked media looks like?

Example of locked media at Fansly

You can upload a preview for your locked media and adjust the permissions for who can access it.

For example, you can make a media available for paid subscribers and paid for free followers.

You can upsell something spicy for your paid subscribers as well.


You can interact with your fans via messages and get money from it.

There are different ways:

  1. Sending Mass Messages with locked media.
  2. Chatting one on one.

As always, you can adjust permission who can write a message to you – everyone, a subscriber of a specific tier, someone who tipped you or purchased a media. Also, you can set the price per message.

Example of Mass Message at Fansly


Tips at Fansly is a great source of additional income without additional effort.

Subscribers can:

  1. Tip any post you create.
  2. Send you a message with an attached tip to it.
  3. Use a "Send a Tip" button on the profile page.

Be sure to say "Thank you" to every tip you receive. Building a personal relationship with your subscribers – the most important part of success on Fansly.

Below is a screenshot of a locked media, which received $4.622 in tips.

Tips at Fansly

A combination of all these tools will help you to find the best monetization strategy for your account.

Let's dive into account creation.

How to create an account on Fansly?

Follow the link.

You will see a message, that before you can become the creator, you need to create a regular account on Fansly.

Click on "Sign Up" at the top right.

Fansly Account Creation

Enter a Username, Email address and Password.

You can also use your Twitter, Google, or Twitch account to sign up.

After this step, you will have to verify your email by clicking on the link in the letter from Fansly.

How to verify an account?

To become a creator, you will need to verify your account.

The verification process – is a standard procedure for this kind of services. All your private information and documents won't be publicly visible at Fansly.

You can work using a pseudonym or without showing your face if you want.

You can start the verification process by using the link or clicking on "Become A Creator" in the dropdown menu when you click on your profile picture.

What does "Verified User Application" look like?

Verified User Application at Fansly

Let's dive into details.

  1. First and Last name.
  2. Date of birth. You can work from the age of 18.
  3. City and country of residence. This data is not displayed anywhere, it is only needed to confirm your identity and for account security.
  4. If you have social networks, provide links to them. The moderators will be able to understand, that you are a real person. In the future, you can hide this information from the profile.
  5. In the "Creator referral code" section, please indicate my nickname – "slobodskyi". Fansly will share part of their commission with me, nothing additional will be taken from your earnings. Participating in referral programs helps me to create free articles. If you have any questions, you can always contact me.
  6. You will need to take a photo of yourself, holding a document in your hand and a piece of paper. Write on paper your name, surname, date, and text – “For Fansly.”
  7. In the Content section, indicate whether you plan to publish 18+ content.

After verification, which usually takes several hours, you can proceed with preparing your account.

How to prepare an account?

Go to your profile and click on the "Profile" button with the pencil illustration.

What needs to be added?

  1. Profile Photo.
  2. Cover Image.
  3. Display Name. You can use a pseudonym.
  4. About. Details about you and your content.
  5. Location. You can leave it empty.
Fansly Account Edit

You can also set up account tags by clicking on "Profile Tags".

Choose keywords that describe your content or add a custom tag.

Tags help you to be discovered on the "For You" page.

Fansly Account Tags

How to set a subscription price?

As we discussed, Fansly has two categories of people, who can follow your profile.

  1. "Followers" – people who can follow your profile for free. They will see what you post, but you decide what media they will have access to.
  2. "Subscribers" – people who subscribe for money. They see the content that is included in their subscription tier.

For example, you can make followers see part of the media. In order to see the rest, they will need to subscribe for money or purchase particular media.

Fansly Follower feed example

Subscribers will see the content that is included in their subscription tier.

At the same time, you can make a part of the content paid even for subscribers.

Fansly Subscriber feed example

What does it look like in a real profile?

  1. There is a "Follow For Free" button in the profile at the top right.
  2. Buttons with paid subscriptions are located under the description.
Real Profile Example

To set up a subscription price and tiers go to Creator Dashboard and click "Create New Subscription Tier".

Fansly Subscription General Settings

On the "General" tab you can specify:

  1. Subscription Tier Name.
  2. Subscription Tier Color. This color will be used for a subscription button in your profile.
  3. Subscription Benefits. Text description of what will be included in this Tier.

You can also limit the maximum number of subscribers for this tier.

On the "Plans/Pricing" tab, you can set prices for this tier. Also, you can sell this tier in a bundle for 2, 3, or 6 months with a discount.

Fansly Tier Settings

A lot of different settings at a new service can be overwhelming.

You can change prices and tiers at any time, so just use whatever feels more suitable for now.

How to create a welcome message?

A welcome message is a message that a user will receive from you after following or subscribing.

It is a good idea to welcome new people to your account, say thank you, or send a media.

You can create it once, and then it would be sent automatically.

To set up a welcome message go to Creator Dashboard → Messages → Automated Messages.

How to post on Fansly?

On Fansly you can publish posts and messages.

In order to make a post, go to the main page by clicking on the Fansly logo. You will see a form for adding a post.

How to Post at Fansly


Let's take a look at each detail.

  1. The "For You" page is an organic content discovery browser users can use to swipe through Media posted on creators timelines. Only Posts containing locked Media with a free preview or unlocked Media can be promoted on the For You Page. We will cover it in the "Upload media" section.
  2. The text of the post.
  3. "Pin to Timeline" – you can pin a post to the top of your profile feed.
  4. "Add to Walls" – walls it is like folders for organizing your content. In the profile, a user will be able to filter posts by walls.
  5. Permission settings for commenting. For example, you can allow comments only from paid subscribers.
  6. Upload media. Will cover it next.
  7. Schedule a publication date for the post.
  8. Schedule a date for the post to disappear.
  9. Tips goal.
  10. Create Poll.
  11. Locked Text, access to which can be configured for a specific category of users.
  12. Audio recording.

Upload media

If you click on icon number 6 in the previous step, a window for adding media will appear. Let's have a look.

  1. Upload your media. For each uploaded photo or video, you can add the main file and a preview. Preview will be displayed for those who do not have access to media. For example, you published something for paid subscribers, so the free follower will only see the preview.
  2. Upload a preview for media.
  3. Add one more media to the post, if you want.
  4. Setting up permissions to the media. We can indicate to whom the media will be available. Let's jump to the next screenshot.
How to upload media to Fansly

If we click on "New permission" in the screenshot above, we'll get a drop-down list, where we can specify, who will have access to the media.

  1. "Add Price" – you can add a price for the specific media. It will become available only after the purchase, regardless if a user is subscribed to you or not.
  2. "Following" – make media available to everyone who follows for free.
  3. "Subscribed" – make media available to everyone who subscribed.
  4. “Subscribed (More Options)” – select the subscription tier for which media will be available.
  5. "Limited Time" – limit access to media by time.

You can combine different permissions.For example, you can make media available for "Subscribed", then click on "Add New" and create new permission with "Add Price".

That will make your media unlocked for all subscribers, and locked with a price for everyone who is not subscribed.

Fansly Media Permissions

If we choose to make the media available only for the “Subscribed”, then the subscriber will see the full picture, and the one who is not subscribed will see only what we uploaded to the “Preview”.

Fansly Post Example


To send messages, click on the envelope icon at the top right, then envelope with a plus sign and select "New Mass Message".

Firstly, we need to select who will receive this message:

  1. "Include Subscribers" – selects all subscribers. You can specify which Tier will receive the message. Maybe you want to send something super hot to subscribers of a certain Tier. Also, you can include subscribers with Renewal on or off.
  2. "Include Expired Subscribers" – You can send a message to those who have expired subscriptions. You can offer to resubscribe to your profile with a discount.
  3. "Include Followers" – send to those who follow you, but are not subscribed.

We can also include or exclude subscribers that we have in certain lists.

At the bottom right, near the “Next” button, there is a calendar. You can schedule a message for the future. By clicking "Next" we will proceed to the standard procedure for adding a post.

New Mass Message

Message statistics can be viewed in Creator Dashboard → Messages → Broadcast Message Stats.

We can see how many opened the message and bought the media.

Statistic of Messages at Fansly

How to promote Fansly?

Fansly promotion have the same principles as OnlyFans promotion.

With social media

You can create social media accounts and promote your Fansly account.

Most popular social media for adult content creators:

  1. Twitter.
  2. Reddit.
  3. Instagram.
  4. TikTok.

Twitter and Reddit allow you to post explicit content. You can create the same content as you have at Fansly for advertisement and put the direct link to your Fansly account.

Instagram and TikTok have very strict rules about sexual content and can ban you if you will make something too hot. To link your Fansly use a site created at Linktree or similar services.

Before putting your link to Fansly at Linktree use a shortener like That will help save your social media account.

Without social media

How to promote your Fansly account without social media?

Firstly, be sure that you did everything possible to be found organically at Fansly.

  1. Good description in About.
  2. Profile and Media tags.
  3. At least 1-3 posts per week to "For You" page.

After this you can use one of the following:

  1. Free cross-promo with other creators.
  2. Paid advertising on Twitter, aggregators, or popular accounts.

You can find accounts with similar styles and offer them cross-promo.

You will post in your feed a link to their account, they will post a link to you.

How does Fansly payout work?

You can get your money after you earn more than $20. As we discussed Fansly percentage cut is 20%.


You can check how much you earn and what brings you the most money at Creator Dashboard → More → Earnings → Statistics.

Fansly Earnings Statistics

You can also analyze your Top Supporters.

You can make a note about a specific user or add it to the list.

For example, you can include Top Supporters in the VIP list and send them additional content for free as a thank you.

Top Supporters Statistics

Payout Time

After a user spends money, money will have a pending status for 7 days. Then money will be Available for Payout.

You can Request a Payout and select how much you want to withdraw and select a payment system.

After request, it takes 2-3 days for the money to arrive.

Request Payout at Fansly

Payout Methods

The following payment systems are used for withdrawal:

  1. Skrill.
  2. Paxum.
  3. Cryptocurrencies.

All payment systems works in the same way – create an account, link a bank account to a payment system, and a payment system to Fansly.

If you withdraw up to $3-5K per month, the most convenient option is the Skrill. If more – cryptocurrencies or Paxum. You can use Payeer for crypto payments.

Fansly Payout Methods

Bank Statement

You will get money from the company "Select Media".


It depends on your local laws if you have to pay taxes from Fansly income.

I will update the article with common cases.

If you already have your own audience, you can refer to my article explaining how Patreon works for creators.